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Space Canada represents Canada’s space innovators and allied industries to convey the value of space technology, research, investment and results to domestic and international audiences, and to position Canada at the forefront of the highly strategic global New Space Economy.

From vibrant start-ups to large global companies, Space Canada’s members are designing, building and implementing innovative new solutions on and around our planet from launch to space-based communications, space exploration, environmental monitoring and Earth observation, among many other applications.

Our members employ thousands of highly qualified people across Canada and contribute $2.5 billion to Canada’s GDP.

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Brian Gallant, K.C.,

CEO, Space Canada

Brian Gallant, K.C., is the CEO of Space Canada. He is a business executive, thought leader, and he was the 33rd Premier of New Brunswick.

Brian is a Special Advisor to the President of Ontario Tech University. He also frequently provides business and political analysis as a media commentator.

In addition to serving as Premier of New Brunswick, Brian was the Attorney General, the Minister responsible for Innovation, and the Minister responsible for Women’s Equality. In 2018, he led his Premier colleagues as the Chair of the Council of the Federation.

Prior to elected office, Brian practiced corporate commercial law. He has university degrees in business and law from the Université de Moncton as well as a Master of Laws from McGill University.

Brian is the co-author of a major research report linking profit with purpose entitled Canadian Voices on the Role of Business in Society.

Brian is supportive of many causes and initiatives as a member of several boards of directors including the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, the Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, the Canadian Olympic Foundation, and the Beausejour Family Crisis Resource Centre.


Our Founding Members

Member logo calian

We keep the world moving forward. Calian® helps people communicate, innovate, learn, stay safe and lead healthy lives with confidence. Every day, our 4,500 employees live our values of customer-centricity, integrity, innovation and teamwork to engineer reliable solutions that solve complex problems. That’s Confidence. Engineered. A stable and growing 40-year young company, we are headquartered in Ottawa with offices and projects spanning North American and international markets. Visit calian.com to learn about the diverse products, services and solutions we offer to healthcare, communications, learning and security sectors.

CGI logo svgwhiteborder3

Founded in 1976, CGI is among the largest IT and business consulting services firms in the world.

In addition to their market-leading solutions across 20 other industries in 400 locations worldwide, CGI helps clients implement complex, mission-critical space software systems to address fast-changing market dynamics and business demands.

Member logo ghgsat

GHGSat is the global leader in high-resolution remote-sensing of greenhouse gas from space – an approach it pioneered – and provides unique emissions data and intelligence to businesses, governments, regulators, and investors worldwide, to optimize their performance and uphold environmental standards.

Lunar Med

Lunar Medical is solving the challenges of providing medical support in spaceflight. Developing autonomous medical support capabilities for spaceflight takes advantage of recent advances in biomedical technology, Artificial Intelligence, precision medicine, and bio-sensing. Technological innovations developed for spaceflight have a long history of benefitting society back on Earth. Lunar Medical is committed to bringing the benefits of spaceflight medical solutions to people everywhere. We believe in a future where the best medical care is available to everyone, everywhere, any time.

Member logo magellan

Magellan Aerospace is a global, integrated aerospace company that provides complex assemblies and systems solutions to aircraft and engine manufacturers, and defence and space agencies worldwide. Magellan designs, engineers and manufactures aeroengine and aerostructure assemblies and components for aerospace markets, advanced products for military and space markets, industrial power generation, and specialty products.

Memberlogo maritime launch services

Maritime Launch is developing Spaceport Nova Scotia, a launch site that will provide satellite delivery services to clients in support of the growing commercial space transportation industry over a wide range of inclinations. The development of this facility will allow the Cyclone-4M and other prospective launch vehicles to place their satellites into low-earth orbit, building to a launch tempo of eight launches per year. This will be the first commercial orbital launch complex in Canada.


Building the space between proven and possible, MDA Space is a trusted mission partner to the global space industry. A robotics, satellite systems and geointelligence pioneer with a 55-year+ story of world firsts and more than 450 missions, MDA Space is a global leader in communications satellites, Earth and space observation, and space exploration and infrastructure.

Mission Control

Mission Control empowers explorers by innovating to make advanced software viable for use in space. Using our software, customers can simplify mission development and operations while unlocking the potential of new scientific and commercial opportunities on the Earth, Moon, Mars, and beyond.

Our software is used by mission controllers, scientists, and software developers who seek faster deployments, lower-cost mission development, and valuable data returns.

We help shape a world where all humans treasure planet Earth and marvel at the universe because they have access to knowledge, perspective, and inspiration gained through ubiquitous access to exploration.

Member logo northstar

NorthStar seeks to empower humanity to preserve our planet through a unique Space and Earth information & intelligence platform using space-based sensors. NorthStar strives to help transform the way governments, industry and institutions assess risk, enforce regulations and make decisions to foster the sustainable development of our planet and deliver a safe and secure near-Earth environment. NorthStar’s unique space-based commercial SSA (Space Situational Awareness) products address many of the critical and immediate challenges facing all satellite operators. With a comprehensive view of all near-Earth orbits, NorthStar’s Skylark satellites will deliver more frequent and precise observations of resident space objects than any current system. Through a suite of high-speed decision quality information services derived from its unparalleled coverage, object custody, and enhanced predictive analytics NorthStar generates its Space Information & Intelligence (Si2) services.

Member logo telesat

Telesat is one of the world’s largest and most innovative satellite operators, providing reliable and secure satellite-delivered communications solutions worldwide to broadcast, telecom, corporate and government customers, including the Government of Canada. Proudly Canadian and headquartered in Ottawa, our state-of-the-art satellite fleet delivers HD television channels to millions of Canadians, as well as Internet and wireless LTE connectivity to rural communities that are beyond the reach of cable and fibre.

Backed by 50+ years of engineering excellence, Telesat is undertaking the largest space program in Canadian history: a $6.5 billion investment in Telesat Lightspeed™, a state-of-the-art, revolutionary Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation. Telesat Lightspeed will deliver affordable, fibre-speed Internet and 5G connectivity everywhere on Earth, including to the entirety of Canada, through partnerships with Internet Service Providers, Mobile Network Operators, Indigenous communities, and municipalities - eliminating the digital divide once and for all. Telesat Lightspeed is the most advanced broadband satellite network ever conceived, with next-generation satellites designed, assembled and operated right here in Canada. Telesat Lightspeed represents billions of dollars in economic growth and job creation in the highly strategic Canadian New Space economy.


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