Canadian space innovation
is solving today's biggest challenges on Earth
and in space.

And in order to compete in the global space race,
we are investing, scaling and creating the jobs of the future.
The time is now to invest in space, Canada.

Space Canada presents:

Space Bound 2022

This two-day conference will feature networking opportunities with thought leaders in the industry and discussions on key topics and industry trends. Join other dynamic leaders in the space industry and ecosystem as well as key stakeholders for this opportunity to meet and discuss how to strengthen the Canadian space sector.

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We are
Canada’s space

Together we employ thousands of people across Canada, and around the world, who work on advanced technologies to serve hard-to-reach markets and communities.


$2.5 billion
to Canada's economy 

There is a global race to lead in space innovation — and space has a big and positive impact on Canada's economy.

The time is now to make investments in Canadian space innovation to ensure Canada wins this race. Without investment Canada would fall behind. 

*2019 figures

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How are we solving
our generation's biggest challenges?


How are we innovating?

Canada's space innovators are leaders in many industry segments, creating jobs of the future and contributing to Canada's growth.

Climate Change Monitoring
Science + Exploration
Earth + Space Observation
Medicine + Medical Advances
Northern Warning Systems
Satellite Ground Systems

are we

Right here in Canada, from coast to coast to coast - and beyond. Our members have facilities across the country employing thousands of people in Canada and around the world with a strong emphasis on STEM and innovation. The work we do in orbit and on the ground puts people to work and consistently pushes and expands the envelope of Canada's potential.